Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mr Frank

I had a busy week this week in front of my PC, as I want to experiment as much as I can.  So, here is a 2nd toy for you all.  This one is my take on the classic monster, Frankstein.
Hopefully he will have you in stitches.. pun intended

Get it here

THE Nurd

This is a new toy design of mine, & it's my 1st template.  I was inspired by Sinner to make my own toy, & this is the result.  Called THE Nurd.
Hope you enjoy it, and there will be more very soon.

Get it here

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Naruto - Genetically Altered Custom

Another Genetically Altered custom.  This time from the Naruto Anime series.  I wanted to use the same template for all the Anime customs for now, & I decided to go with a different series, but I will return to Bleach at some point.  Plus Sinner being a fellow South African, I thought I would use his blanks.
Download Naruto Custom Here

The blank I used for this & Ichigo can be downloaded here

Monday, 29 August 2011

Bleach Ichigo - Genetically Altered Custom

Welcome to my new site of Papertoys.  My 1st custom for you is of Genetically Altered by Sinner.  Anime fans will recognise the character as Ichigo from the Anime series Bleach.
Complete with Hollow mask & Sword.  This is the 1st in a series I plan to do of Bleach Customs.
The sword is based around a design from Julius Perdana from Paper Replika.  I customed a blank of this shape, so I just want to give credit where it is Due.

Keep checking back for updates on my blog.  I'm still finding my feet but I will keep the toys coming.

Find the template Here to download